entero 2.0 solid terrace profile
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entero 2.0 solid terrace profile

The profile with substantial advantages


Warranty and PEFCWERZALIT has expanded its already extensive range of terrace flooring with the new, entero 2.0 solid terrace profile. entero 2.0 is a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to a wood terrace.

Key benefits at a glance:
Visually closed longitudinal joints
Can be installed without an incline
Splinter-free, high-quality surface
No tropical wood used
Low-maintenance and easy to care for

The joint that is closed yet open
entero 2.0 offers a unique feature among all solid terrace profiles. The tongue and groove system allows a visually closed terrace surface that still doesn't allow weeds to grow up or dirt to fall down through the floor. At the same time, the longitudinal joint also serves as a covered drainage joint.

Drainage and load capacity

A special fastening technique was developed that also guarantees a high load capacity: an invisible installation clip with flexible spacing tabs. In the area of the tongue and groove connection, this clip ensures sufficient joint spacing even at maximum expansion to maintain unhindered drainage of surface water. Even when installed without an incline, water can flow off easily - perfect for spaces around swimming pools (only with the smooth surface).

When laying with the grooved surface, a sufficient incline is always required to ensure proper surface water drainage.



Substantial advantages

entero 2.0 solid terrace profiles can be worked as easily as wood. Closed edges always result from sawing, meaning that curves of all kinds can be realised in terrace surfaces without any additional cover profiles. The solid design and special shape permit a low installation height combined with a wide span width. entero is also very well suited for short installation lengths, such as narrow garden paths.


EPD Umwelt-Deklaration

Together with VHI, we are committed to sustainable building via EPDs for WPC decking boards and WPC facade elements at IBU.

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