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Well-clad on all sides


Weather-resistance and a long service life are key criteria for a façade in addition to appearance. WERZALIT employs innovative materials to enable lastingly beautiful façades characterised by minimal maintenance requirements. They are extremely resistant to moisture, heat, mechanical stresses and insects.

Key benefits at a glance:
Practically unlimited design options
Usable as partial and full façade
Weather- and fracture-resistant, dimensionally stable
Easy to care for
Minimal maintenance
No painting required for a long time

Lasting weather protection for exterior walls

Used as a full façade, WERZALIT façade systems offer all the advantages of a back-ventilated curtain façade. The ventilation space ensures continuous air circulation. Moisture from construction or arising during use is transported to the outside, protecting the exterior wall against possible functional damage. The façade systems are also easy to adapt to various insulation thicknesses. In this way, even high thermal insulation requirements can be met.


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