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Innovative wood materials for over 85 years


In the year 1923, Jakob Friedrich Werz founds a small animal glue factory in Göppingen to supply local craftsmen and plywood manufacturers.

In 1941, he takes over the company of a former glue customer in Oberstenfeld, Ludwigsburg district, that produced moulded plywood (chair seats and backs, plywood housings for the German radio and phonograph industry, etc.).

Starting in the mid-1950s, a completely new process is developed, subsequently patented as the WERZALIT process, in which finely chipped wood is mixed with synthetic resin glue and additives to produce ready-to-use table surfaces, serving trays, wall panelling and similar parts - the origin of the WERZALIT wood material.

WERZALIT gradually becomes the name of the material, the name of the process and even the name of the company. Numerous patents are also acquired to secure the production know-how of the WERZALIT process. Over time, the process is also licensed both in Germany and abroad.

Due to health problems on the part of the company owner, Jakob Frieder Werz, the company has to be sold in the year 1987 to an Austrian company with an international character.

Back under family ownership since 2002, WERZALIT is now led by General Manager Jochen Werz, a grandson of the company founder. Mr. Werz views the actual history of WERZALIT as a challenge to constantly strive for something new with a commitment to innovation. "Innovation is a basic value for me. We want to increasingly develop products and enter into new technologies." In this spirit and under the management of Jochen Werz, the company developed a completely new wood and polymer material called "S2", a type of wood-plastic composite (WPC).


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