tolero solid terrace profile
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tolero solid terrace profile*

Natural Beauty


WERZALIT presents a brand new design with the tolero solid terrace profile. It has a charmingly rustic appearance because of its natural colour and subtle elegance through slim profiles and a low installation height.

Korzyści w skrócie:
Appealing design
Characteristic features with its variation in colour
Fast installation of the profiles
Dimensionally stable

New Design

With the height of only 19 mm tolero is the slimmest in the range of WERZALIT terrace deckings. The solid profile with secret fixings gives your terrace a subtly elegant appearance.



Naturalness in decking profiles is a now major trend! Variations in the colour and wood grain created naturally by varied tree growth gives a terrace its own unique appeal. WERZALIT highlighted this special characteristic, so tolero can make your terrace something truly special.


*Artykuł wycofywany dostawa do wyczerpania zapasów magazynowych.